Watermusic,  3 x 3 m, marbled watercolor paper

Our awareness of the dual nature of water as nurturer and destroyer has been dramatically heightened in recent years for two reasons. First of all, the expanding world population has put severe strains on our ecosystem that were not foreseen even fifty years ago. What were once villages in Africa of a few thousand have grown to huge overflowing cities of hundreds of thousands, yet the water supply in the area has changed little. At the same time, population growth has contributed significantly to growing global desertification. So once bountiful areas are now unable to sustain their current populations; and growth continues. Secondly, the warming of the planet, principally caused by the energy consumption of the industrialized world, is causing the polar ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, and will eventually cause the flooding of many of the world’s coastal areas. Unless truly drastic action is taken in a very short time, we risk a deluge like the Great Flood depicted in so many different cultures.


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